AI Principles in Practice with Ansgar Koene

Ansgar Koene links AI ethics to his early work in robotics, discusses the interplay between online and offline behaviors and makes the case for foresight, adult accountability, and regulation in AI.
Dr. Ansgar Koene is the Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader at Ernst & Young (EY), a Sr. Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham and chair of the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithm Bias Considerations working group. 

In this visionary discussion, Ansgar traces his path from robotics and computational social science to the ethics of data sharing and AI. Drawing from his wide-ranging research, Ansgar illustrates the need for true stakeholder representation; what diversity looks like in practice; and why context, critical thinking and common sense are required in AI.

Describing some of the more subtle yet most impactful dilemmas in AI, Ansgar highlights the natural tension between developing foresight to avoid harms whilst reacting to harms that have already occurred. Ansgar and Kimberly discuss emerging regulations and the link between power and accountability in AI. Ansgar advocates for broad AI literacy but cautions against setting citizens and users up with unrealistic expectations. Lastly, Ansgar muses about the future and why the biggest challenges created by AI might not be obvious today.

A full transcript of this episode can be found here.

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AI Principles in Practice with Ansgar Koene
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