How is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) shaping our human experience? Kimberly Nevala ponders the reality of AI - for better and worse - with a diverse group of innovators, advocates and data scientists.

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Plain Talk About Talking AI with J Mark Bishop

Professor J Mark Bishop reflects on the trickiness of language, how LLMs work, why ChatGPT can’t understand, the nature of AI and emerging theories of mind.Mark explai...

In AI We Trust with Chris McClean

Chris McClean reflects on ethics vs. risk, ethically positive outcomes, the nature of trust, looking beyond ourselves, privacy at work and in the metaverse.Chris outli...

AI for Sustainable Development with Henrik Skaug Sætra

Henrik Skaug Sætra contends humans aren’t mere machines, assesses AI thru a sustainable development lens and weighs the effect of political imbalances and ESG.Henrik e...

The Philosophy of AI with Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh

Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh contemplates the messy reality and political nature of AI, the interplay of technology with society, and the impact of AI on democracy.

Keeping Science in Data Science with Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall challenges data science norms, warns against magical thinking and malleable hypotheses, reflects on human-AI teaming and delivering value with AI.

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