Pondering how artificial intelligence (AI) is elevating and challenging our humanity.

Kimberly Nevala is joined by the thought leaders, researchers, doers and activists ensuring our AI-enabled future puts people and the environment first.

Latest Episodes

The Philosophy of AI with Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh

Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh contemplates the messy reality and political nature of AI, the interplay of technology with society, and the impact of AI on democracy.

Keeping Science in Data Science with Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall challenges data science norms, warns against magical thinking and malleable hypotheses, reflects on human-AI teaming and delivering value with AI.

Synthesizing the Future with Fernando Lucini

Fernando Lucini explains the potential applications, pitfalls, and work still to be done to make synthetic data ubiquitous.

The Future of Human Decision Making with Roger Spitz

Roger Spitz reconciles strategy with philosophy, contemplates the influence of AI systems and the skills required to make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Risk vs. Rights in AI with Dorothea Baur

Dr. Dorothea Baur addresses ethical myths, unique issues posed by AI, universal rights, stakeholder advocacy and taking responsibility for our tech creations.

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