An Outlook on AI Ethics with Beena Ammanath

Beena Ammanath draws on her extensive experience to expand our view of ethics beyond fairness and bias, highlights the need for adaptability, explains why principles matter and what is required to put ethics to work.
Beena Ammanath is the Executive Director of Deloitte’s AI Institute and leads their Trustworthy AI practice. She is a seasoned executive with global cross-industry experience and has been a board member and advisor to numerous tech startups. Beena is also the founder of the non-profit Humans For AI.

In this insightful discussion, Beena traces AI ethics from click-bait to operational reality. She explores the interplay between R&D, value creation and ethics and why expecting – and adapting to - the unexpected is key to trustworthy AI.

Using practical examples, Beena illustrates why AI ethics go beyond fairness and bias and why principles do, in fact, matter. Kimberly and Beena discuss how AI challenges traditional views of privacy and how companies can make ethics real. Beena provides guidance on leveraging ethical frameworks and why ethical evaluations are not one-size-fits-all or once-and-done. Finally, Beena shares her hope that lessons learned from AI will inform adoption of technologies such as AR/VR and quantum computing.  

A full transcript of this episode can be found here

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An Outlook on AI Ethics with Beena Ammanath
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