Risk vs. Rights in AI with Dorothea Baur

Dr. Dorothea Baur addresses ethical myths, unique issues posed by AI, universal rights, stakeholder advocacy and taking responsibility for our tech creations.
Dr. Dorothea Baur is an ethicist and independent consultant on the topics of ethics, responsibility and sustainability in tech and finance.

Dorothea debunks common ethical misconceptions and explores the novel issues that arise when applying ethics to technology. Kimberly and Dorothea discuss the risks posed by risk management-based approaches to tech ethics. As well as the “unholy collision” between the pursuit of scale and universal generalization. Dorothea reluctantly gives a nod to Milton Friedman when linking ethics to material business outcomes. Along the way, Dorothea illustrates how stakeholder engagement is evolving and the power of the employee. Noting that algorithms do not have agency and will never be ethical, Dorothea persuasively articulates our moral responsibility to retain responsibility for our AI creations.

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Risk vs. Rights in AI with Dorothea Baur
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