In AI We Trust with Marisa Tschopp

Marisa Tschopp contemplates trusting a human versus a machine, the risks in humanizing AI, and how we characterize our relationships with AI-enabled conversational systems.
Marisa Tschopp is a Human-AI interaction researcher at scip AG and Co-Chair of the IEEE Agency and Trust in AI Systems Committee.

Marisa answers the question ‘what is trust?' and compares trust between humans to trust in a machine. Differentiating trust from trustworthiness, Marisa emphasizes the importance of considering the context and motivation behind AI systems. Kimberly and Marisa discuss the pros and cons of endowing AI systems with human characteristics (aka anthropomorphizing) and why ‘do you trust AI?’ is the wrong question. Debunking the concept of ‘The AI’, Marisa outlines practices for calibrating trust in AI systems. A self-described skeptical optimist, Marisa also shares her research into how people perceive their relationships with AI-enabled machines and how these patterns may change over time.

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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In AI We Trust with Marisa Tschopp
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