Automation, Agency and the Future of Work with Giselle Mota

Giselle Mota advocates for human enablement, tech accountability, courting disruption, admitting mistakes, more thinking by more people, solving real problems and self-help for AI.
Giselle Mota is a Principal Consultant for the Future of Work at ADP where she advices organizations on human agency, diversity and learning in the age of AI. 

In this energetic discussion, Giselle shares how navigating dyslexia spawned a passion for technology and enabling learning at work. Giselle stresses that human agency and automation are only mutually exclusive when AI is employed with the wrong end in mind. Prioritizing human experience over ‘doing more with less’ Giselle explores the impact – good and bad - of AI systems on humans at work today.

While ruminating on the future happening now, Giselle puts the onus on organizations to ensure no employee is left behind. From the warehouse floor to HR, the importance of diverse perspectives, rigorous due diligence and critical thinking when deploying AI systems is underscored. Along the way, Kimberly and Giselle dissect what AI algorithms can and cannot reasonably predict. Giselle then defines the leadership mindsets and talent needed to bring AI to work appropriately. With infectious optimism, she imposes a reality check on our innate desire to “just do cool things”. Finally, in a rousing call to action, Giselle makes a robust argument for robust accountability and making ethics endemic to every human endeavor, including AI.

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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Automation, Agency and the Future of Work with Giselle Mota
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