Is AI-Driven Sustainability Sustainable with Vincent de Montalivet

Vincent de Montalivet discusses using AI to help the planet, enabling sustainable business models, creating green value chains, the debate over green AI, progress to date and the work still to come.
Vincent de Montalivet is the Global AI Sustainability Leader at Capgemini where he develops strategies to use AI to combat climate change and drive corporate net-zero initiatives.

In this forthright discussion, Vincent charts his path from supply chain engineering to his current position at the crossroads of data, IT and sustainability. Vincent stresses this is the ‘decade of action’ and  highlights cutting edge AI applications enabling the turn from simulation to accountability in real-time. Addressing fears about AI, Vincent shows how it enables rather than replaces human expertise.

In that vein, Kimberly and Vincent have a frank discussion about whether AI for environmental good balances AI’s own appetite for energy. Vincent examines different aspects of the argument and shares recent research, facts and figures to shed light on the debate. He describes why AI is not a silver bullet, why AI is not always required and emerging research into making AI itself green. Vincent then provides a 3-step roadmap for corporate sustainability initiatives. Discussing emerging innovations, Vincent pragmatically points out that we are only addressing 3% of the green use cases that can be addressed with AI today. He rightfully suggests focusing there.

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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Is AI-Driven Sustainability Sustainable with Vincent de Montalivet
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