The Privacy Paradox with Dr. Eric Perakslis, PhD

Dr. Eric Perakslis ponders digital data specimens, the limits of anonymous data, the ongoing debate over eggs, the value of non-discrimination over privacy, and why equity is the next medical frontier.
Dr. Eric Perakslis, PhD is the Chief Science and Digital Officer at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.  
In this incisive discussion, Eric exposes the curious nature of healthcare data. He proposes treating data like a digital specimen: one that requires clear consent and protection against misuse. Expanding our view beyond the doctor’s office, Eric shows why adverse effects from data misuse can be much harder to cure than a rash. As well as our innate human tendency to focus on technology’s potential while overlooking patient vulnerabilities. 

While discussing current data protections, Eric lays the foundation for a shift from privacy toward non-discrimination. Along the way, Kimberly and Eric discuss the many ways anonymous data can compromise patient privacy and the research it underpins. In doing so, a critical loophole in existing institutional review boards (IRB) and regulatory safeguards is exposed. An avid data advocate, Eric adroitly argues that proper patient and data protection will accelerate innovation and life-saving research. Finally, Eric makes a case for doing the hard things first and why the greatest research opportunities are rooted in equity.  

A transcript of this episode can be found here

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The Privacy Paradox with Dr. Eric Perakslis, PhD
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