AI Education for All with Teemu Roos

Teemu Roos exposes AI’s unlimited potential, the opportunities that come from collaborating with experts and laypersons alike, the need for pervasive literacy and his mission to engage everyone (yes, everyone) in AI.
Teemu Roos is the lead instructor of the Elements of AI online course which has a pivotal role in Finland's unique, inclusive AI strategy. Teemu is also a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki and leader of the AI Education programme at the Finnish Center for AI.

In this encouraging discussion, Teemu shares how an insatiable appetite for discovery led to a career as a ML researcher and educator. His excitement about projects ranging from astrophysics to neonatal brain development highlight AI’s endless potential and the importance of imagination and curiosity. 

Teemu deftly explains why homogeneity makes doing good AI hard. He enthusiastically demonstrates how collaboration between data scientists, experts and laypersons exposes otherwise hidden opportunities. Kimberly and Teemu discuss the need for broad citizen engagement in AI and why the target audience for Elements of AI is “everyone who isn’t interested in AI”. And why we must focus on ethics and privacy now. With humor and optimism, Teemu helps us envision a future where everyone is informed, passionate and actively engaged in AI.

A full transcript of this episode can be found here.

Our next episode features Shalini Kantayya. Shalini is a filmmaker, activist, and self-proclaimed sci-fi fanatic. Her documentary Coded Bias exposes the biases and inequalities that can lurk within AI algorithms. Subscribe to Pondering AI now so you don’t miss her. 

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AI Education for All with Teemu Roos
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