AI Stories at Work with Ganes Kesari

Ganes Kesari confronts AI hype and calls for balance, reskilling, data literacy, decision intelligence and data storytelling to adopt AI productively.                     

Ganes reveals the reality of AI and analytics adoption in the enterprise today. Highlighting extreme divides in understanding and expectations, Ganes provides a grounded point of view on delivering sustained business value. 

Cautioning against a technocentric approach, Ganes discusses the role of data literacy and data translators in enabling AI adoption. Discussing common barriers to change, Kimberly and Ganes discuss growing resistance from technologists, not just end users. Ganes muses about the impact of AI on creative tasks and his own experiences with generative AI. Ganes also underscores the need to address workforce reskilling yet remains optimistic about the future of human endeavor. While discussing the need for improved decision-making, Ganes identifies decision intelligence as a critical new business competency. Finally, Ganes strongly advocates for taking a business-first approach and using data storytelling as part of the responsible AI and analytics toolkit.  

Ganes Kesari is the co-founder and Chief Decision Scientist for Gramener and Innovation Titan. 

A transcript of this episode is here

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AI Stories at Work with Ganes Kesari
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