Keeping Work Human with Dr. Christina Colclough

Dr. Christina Colclough addresses tech determinism, the value of human labor, managerial fuzz, collective will, digital rights, and participatory AI deployment.

Christina traces the path of digital transformation and the self-sustaining narrative of tech determinism. As well as how the perceptions of the public, the C-Suite and workers (aka wage earners) diverge. Thereby highlighting the urgent need for robust public dialogue, education and collective action.

Championing constructive debate, Christina decries ‘for-it-or-against-it’ views on AI and embraces the Luddite label. Kimberly and Christina discuss the value of human work, we vs. they work cultures, the divisiveness of digital platforms, and sustainable governance. Christina questions why emerging AI regulations give workers short shift and whether regulation is being privatized. She underscores the dangers of stupid algorithms and the quantification of humans. But notes that knowledge is key to tapping into AI’s benefits while avoiding harm. Christina ends with a persuasive call for responsible regulation, radical transparency and widespread communication to combat collective ignorance.

Dr. Christina Jayne Colclough is the founder of The Why Not Lab where she fiercely advocates for worker rights and dignity for all in the digital age.

A transcript of this episode is here

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Keeping Work Human with Dr. Christina Colclough
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