The Philosophy of AI with Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh

Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh contemplates the messy reality and political nature of AI, the interplay of technology with society, and the impact of AI on democracy.
Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh is a Professor of Philosophy of Media and Technology, a member of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (EC) and the Austrian Council on Robotics and AI.

In this insightful discussion, Mark explains why AI systems are not merely tools or strictly rational endeavors. He describes the challenges created when AI systems imitate human capabilities and how human sciences help address the messy realities of AI. Mark also demonstrates how political philosophy makes conversations about multidimensional topics such as bias, fairness and freedom more productive. Kimberly and Mark discuss the difficulty with global governance, the role of scientific expertise and technology in society, and the need for political imagination to govern emerging technologies such as AI. Along the way, Mark illustrates the debate about how AI systems could vs. should be used through the lens of gun control and climate change. Finally, Mark sounds a cautionary note about the potential for AI to undermine our fragile democratic institutions.

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The Philosophy of AI with Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh
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