Synthesizing the Future with Fernando Lucini

Fernando Lucini explains the potential applications, pitfalls, and work still to be done to make synthetic data ubiquitous.
Fernando Lucini is the Global Data Science & ML Engineering Lead (aka Chief Data Scientist) at Accenture.

Fernando Lucini outlines common uses for AI generated synthetic data. He emphasizes that synthetic data is a facsimile – close, but not quite real - and debunks the notion it is inherently private. Kimberly and Fernando discuss the potential pitfalls in synthetic data sets, the emergent need for standard controls, and why ensuring quality - much less fairness - is not simple. Fernando assesses the current state of the synthetic data market and the work still to be done to enable broad-scale adoption. Tipping his hat to fabulous achievements such as GPT-3 and Dall-E, Fernando identifies multiple ways synthetic data can be used for good works and creative endeavors.

A transcript of this episode can be found here

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Synthesizing the Future with Fernando Lucini
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