Your (Personal) Digital Twin with Dr. Valérie Morignat PhD

Dr. Valérie Morignat PhD ponders the outsized influence of ancient cultures on technology today, AI’s penchant for amplification, how to avoid opening Pandora’s box and why hybridization is the future.
Dr. Valérie Morignat PhD is the CEO of Intelligent Story and a leading advisor on the creative economy. She is a true polymath working at the intersection of art, culture, and technology.

In this perceptive discussion, Valérie illustrates how cultural legacies inform technology and innovation today. Tracing a path from storytelling in caves to modern Sci-Fi she proves that everything new takes (a lot of) time. Far from theoretical, Valérie shows how this philosophical understanding helps business innovators navigate the current AI landscape.

Discussing the evolution of VR/AR, Valérie highlights the existential quandary created by our increasingly fragmented digital identities. Kimberly and Valérie discuss the pillars of responsible innovation and the amplification challenges AI creates. Valérie shares the power of AI to teach us about ourselves and increase human learning, creativity, and autonomy. Assuming, of course, we don’t encode ancient, spurious classification schemes or aggravate negative behaviors. She also describes our quest for authenticity and flipping the script to search for the real in the virtual.

Finally, Valérie sketches a roadmap for success including executive education and incremental adoption to create trust and change our embedded mental models.

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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Your (Personal) Digital Twin with Dr. Valérie Morignat PhD
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